Talk Bazaar is Alex DeSimine is Talk Bazaar - the multi-hyphenate associated most often with fronting Brooklyn’s psych-soul Ritual Talk has been spilling out into a solo career under this new moniker, ranging from otherworldly ambient to crackling lo-fi house to his newest offering, the 10-song LP “oceanic”. This debut full length finds the singer/songwriter coming back to his roots, with songs often centered around an acoustic guitar and his lyrics, musings on a relationship in strife as the pandemic and quarantine shrunk the confines of his world. Yet this simple, pared-down indie songwriting at the album’s heart is also paired with the kind of lush alien synth-driven dressings that are also quickly becoming his signature. Talk Bazaar’s “oceanic” is a journey through a singular mind that so many will be able to relate to intimately. The LP is out everywhere on June 17th, 2021 via Paper Moon Records.

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Talk Bazaar takes the listener gently into the sea of sentiments and overactive thoughts and anxious hearts that floats through our shrouded skies of perpetual night in the pursuit for a precious new dawn.

Heading further into the world of electro-pop, “hot air” is a minimalistic concoction of percussion, sultry vocals, and dreamy guitar patterns.

Kane Wilkinson on 'hot air' | Dusty Organ