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Carli & The Dark is a Brooklyn-based indie-folk rock band. Of singer-songwriter, Carli Naff, No Depression Music Journal says: “(She) stopped us dead in our tracks. One of the best vocalists we’ve heard this year.” Her emotionally expressive voice, when paired with her intimate story-telling, has drawn comparisons to artists like Angel Olsen and Mitski. Naff says she is inspired by many different artists including Jeff Buckley and Big Thief.

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Naff's exquisitely pretty vocal lilt disarms you right away. Just the sound of her voice along with the lovely, light production carries you away before you are even able to absorb the meaning and poetry contained in the lyrics. That comes later.

American Robb | American Pancake

Moving on, severing ties, are rarely easy journeys and this beautifully written song, at times tear-inducing, is heartbreakingly real. And therein lies its overwhelming power.

Walter Price on 'Mimi' | Global Texan Chronicles

“Mimi,” the debut single by dream folk project Carli & the Dark, firmly establishes artist Carli Naff’s aptitude for magically realistic songwriting over the course of an atmospheric four-minute sonic novella, rendering hazy recollections of an evening in a manner that seems like an oracle’s visions.

The Deli


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