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JLJR photo by Jake Ruth


After 6 years of recording and writing exclusively for New York-via-Arkansas indie rock band Brother Moses, James Lockhart Jr. recorded a batch of solo material throughout the second half of 2020. James writes, "Like a lot of people, I spent a lot of time alone last year, and a lot of that time was spent fiddling with recording equipment and jotting down lyrics in the middle of the night. Over the course of a few months, the ideas started to form into songs and it felt like one big exhale of all the worries, hopes and musical debris that had been collecting in my head and on my hard drive."


The songs make up a 6-track EP that was released on June 3rd, 2021 by Paper Moon Records.


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James Lockhart Jr.’s upcoming debut EP, poignantly and cleverly tackles the cruel beauty of memory and the uniquely sublime nature of time spent with those you love.


Emerson Obus, The Wild Honey Pie

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