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"Elora has an inviting vibrancy to her vocal style, giving a soft glow to the psych-pop instrumentation" - Dusty Organ

Hazard Lights - Single by Elora.jpg

album cover by Sara Laufer

On October 12th, emerging Brooklyn singer-songwriter Elora will release her third single with Paper Moon Records titled “Hazard Lights.” 


Elora’s music is characterized by psychedelic sonic landscapes and dream pop-inspired songwriting. With her first two singles, Elora demonstrated a knack for confronting conflict head-on through her lyricism. With “Hazard Lights” Elora shifts her perspective inward during a low point in her life: “It takes strength to know when you’re down, to grab the wheel and pull yourself out.” The song is a living breathing manifestation of reclaiming control and jumpstarting a new perspective.


“I wrote Hazard Lights at a strange time in the pandemic when things were very much not normal… but not as bad as they had been. It wasn’t until I came back to some kind of normalcy that I realized how bad of a state I was in. The song was a way to empower myself and give myself the assurance that I could move on from whatever funk I had been in; that I was still in control of my happiness.”

Hazard Lights is inspired by pop giants of the 1970s Billy Joel and Paul McCartney and is reminiscent of ELO, Weyes Blood, and Djo.

Hazard LightsElora
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About Elora

Elora grew up in a household of artists where creativity was valued above all else (thank god cause she sucked at school). Her family wondered what type of artist she would become while her dad secretly infiltrated her brain by blasting The Beatles and Sheryl Crow every day until she finally “decided” to become a musician. 

She began studying vocal jazz in college, but a not-so-surprising plot twist saw her studying songwriting with indie rock artist Kate Davis (site: long-term side effects of Beatles and Sheryl Crow exposure). Elora’s songs from childhood were often about food but as a young adult she prefers writing about getting scammed on the phone, the growing pains of getting older, and middle school love.

Elora co-produces her music with her synth wizard partner, Theo Walentiny and together they have crafted a unique sound that blends indie/dream pop, jazz, and rock. Her music is characterized by psychedelic sonic landscapes, soaring pop-inspired melodies, and crunchy slide guitars.

Elora is currently recording a record with Paper Moon Records which promises to be her most ambitious and personal work to date. She is on track to become one of the most exciting and innovative voices coming from the Brooklyn music scene.

“Hazard Lights” will be released on Thursday, October 12th 

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photo by Sara Laufer

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