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"Elora has an inviting vibrancy to her vocal style, giving a soft glow to the psych-pop instrumentation" - Dusty Organ

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album cover by Andy Nappi

Elora shares ‘Embers,’ the song that inspired her upcoming record ‘Pitfall’ set to be released this year with Paper Moon Records. The song sits somewhere between heartbreak and reclamation, recounting the events that lead to a friendship's ultimate downfall. Elora softly sings painful confessions like


“I never thought we were best friends just to get stoned.”


“As hurt as I was by what happened, it wasn’t easy for me to move on. I found myself deeply missing someone I knew had been a bad friend. Around this time I also became obsessed with two-chord pop songs and riffs that would get stuck in your head and make you want to move. This is the first time I was able to write something like that and I was introduced to a part of myself I had never met. After that, every song was in search of that same feeling. I started writing to let go of all the things I was holding on to.”


‘Embers’ follows Elora’s debut single with Paper Moon Records ‘Gullible,’ an explosive song where she sings about getting scammed on the phone. Elora’s writing and vocal performance have also garnered praise from NPR, “...Elora’s warm and welcoming voice sounds like a familiar embrace.”

There’s no mistaking that Embers was written from a place of urgency given the song’s attitude and atmosphere - as hazy and complicated as the process of letting go of a friend. The eclectic instrumentation of 'Embers' puts the song’s genre somewhere between psychedelic dream pop and classic folk rock. The band’s booming drums (Charlie Culbert) and funky synth bass create the perfect frame to present Elora’s harrowing lyrical storytelling -


“I could feel your anger through the walls.”


Gliding slide guitar riffs (Jake Nuffer) and ethereal synthesizers (Co-Producer Theo Walentiny) float around Elora’s potent vocal performance completing the sonic tapestry that makes up Embers.


"Embers" was mixed by Jake Cheriff and mastered by Calbi/Fallone at Sterling Sounds. 

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photo by Sara Laufer

About Elora

Elora grew up in a household of artists, where creativity and self-expression were valued above all else. Her dad, a former Marvel comics illustrator, and her mom, a graphic designer, instilled in her a love for art and music from a young age. Growing up, The Beatles were a constant presence at home. Her earliest memories are all intertwined with the band’s discography and films like A Hard Day’s Night.


It was seeing the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World at age twelve that inspired Elora to buy a red bass guitar and pursue a future in music. 


She began studying jazz in college, but a plot twist saw her studying songwriting with indie rock artist Kate Davis. “Kate and I would meet in Fort Greene Park to free write on a subject together and then meet back the next week with a finished song. She taught me how to look at my own writing from the perspective of another person experiencing it for the first time .”


Elora usually writes songs out of necessity, pouring her emotions and experiences into her lyrics and melodies. Elora co-produces her music with her partner, Theo Walentiny, and together they have crafted a unique sound that blends indie rock, jazz, and pop. Her music is characterized by thoughtful lyrics, soaring melodies, and unexpected sonic elements that keep listeners engaged.


Elora is currently working on a record with Paper Moon Records, which promises to be her most ambitious and personal work to date. With her passion for music and her dedication to her craft, Elora is poised to become one of the most exciting and innovative artists of her generation. 

Embers” will be released on Thursday, April 13th. 

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photo by Sara Laufer

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