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Debut Single

"World's End"

June 30th

"World's End" is where everything begins.

A lonely acoustic paired with wistful riffs, and natural despairing vocals sweetened with buoyant harmonies are what crafts this wholly sad and mellow indie track. The songwriting of AUDG's debut single is rooted in queer relationships that exist within unspoken bonds, somewhere between friendship and love. We fill the void of unprocessed, continuous heartbreak with meaningless hook-ups, lies of vegetarianism, and dating apps galore.

"Said I didn't eat meat, I lied..."

We're stuck in a memory, bound to the hope of rekindling a love lost years before. Lovers to friends, you know how this ends.

Performed by AUDG
Written by AUDG & Molly Albert
Produced and Mixed by Jake Cheriff
Mastered by Idania Valencia at Sterling Sound.

Album Art features a painting "Northeaster" by Winslow Homer, 1895; reworked in 1901. On view at The Metropolitan Museum of Fine Art on Fifth avenue in New York City, in Gallery 899. Learn more here:

About AUDG:

AUDG is a nonbinary human and a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter. They came to New York for college as "Audrey", and after graduating and much enlightenment, AUDG emerged. Originally from the suburbs of Massachusetts, they've been writing and playing music since their early teens. Their songwriting centers around their relationships, queerness, and family bonds; and their musical inspirations are drawn from indie artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, and the like. They've conquered their self-doubt and are now finally putting their own music out there to be heard and loved, after a long, tumultuous relationship with posting covers on Instagram.


Phoebe Bridgers, Bon Iver, Lucy Dacus, Clairo, Ben Howard, Feist, Soccer Mommy, Ingrid Michaelson, Sharon Van Etten.