My Son The Doctor is a pent up Bushwick, Brooklyn indie rock band. Like Spoon, but younger and hotter, the 4-some consists of Brian Hemmert (vocals), Joel Kalow (guitar), John Mason (drums), and Matt Nitzberg (bass). When they’re not rocking, they’re busy being the best grandsons money can buy. Their first EP, Dad Time, comes out end of May, 2020.

“We wanted Dancing In Your Basement to be the first song released off the EP because honestly we think it rips the hardest, and we want people stoked,” said drummer John Mason. “We’re beyond excited to be working with Paper Moon on this record, as well as our good friends over at Huntsville Records where we recorded.” 

“We also loved that there was a bass solo”, said bassist Matt Nitzberg, “which we should honestly have more of.”

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